Count’s Bedroom

Ground floor

Count’s Bedroom

Ground floor

2 guests

2 adults


Bathtub / Italian shower / Large bathroom shared with Countess’ bedroom / Independant Water Closets in the corridor


1 double bed – 140 cm

The Count’s Room, located in the 18th century wing of Montastruc, is an intimate and comfortable room reserved for the landlord. Served by the beautiful gallery built along the main courtyard, paneled of wood and warm fabrics, it is enriched with a wardrobe, an alcove, and a secretary integrated into the woodwork, where the Count de Montastruc kept the most valuable documents including the feudal rights linked to the domain.

Overlooking the water moat shaded by tall lime trees, this pretty room faces north-west and contemplates a landscape of meadows and forests.

Served by a large bathroom shared with the countess’s bedroom, the count’s bedroom is one of the components of a large ground-floor apartment whose rooms can communicate with each other

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