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Adélaïde’s Bedroom

1st floor

Adélaïde’s Bedroom

1st floor

2 guests

2 adults


Bathtub / Shared WC with “Pink” Bedroom


1 double bed – 140 cm

“Adelaide’s room” also known as “the princess’s room“, with its fabrics, is a bouquet of roses looking through two large angled bays over the main courtyard and the village. On the 1st floor, at the top of chateau grand staircase from which it is accessed by an airlock, this room of Montastruc is the quintessence of the intimate Louis XV style and yet open to nature.

Very bright, the bedroom includes an alcove bed and numerous oil paintings on canvas integrated into the paneling which, in a relatively naive 18th century style, represent the judgment of King Solomon. Adelaide’s room is served by a bathroom, shared with the adjoining “pink room” and lit by a generous bay looking to the south-east.

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