Château de Montastruc

One thousand five hundred years of history

Elevated by successive generations, resisting storms and wars, preserved and restored with passion
From the fall of the Roman Empire to the 18th century and today, Montastruc presents more 1500 years of live history…
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Montastruc can be yours…

You can make Montastruc your own fortress and mansion, or the unforgettable site of your wedding, for a week or more…

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1500years of history
15hectares of protected ground
45th parallel

The Castle

Splendid residence, listed, ideally standing on an emerging rock, the chateau de Montastruc mixes grandeur with simplicity, character and serenity, history and modernity.
Antique troglodytic site, then a fortress, arranged progressively through its 1500 years of history, the chateau de Montastruc in Perigord is today a large and luminous family Country-House and a welcoming haven of peace, perfectly located in relative proximity to the major touristic sites of Dordogne.

Vacation Rental

11 kilometers away from Bergerac and 15 kilometers from the Bergerac-Dordogne-Perigord airport, the chateau de Montastruc is offered in its entirety for vacation rental and can accommodate in great comfort up to 20 people in residence for a romantic and perfect vacation in a country house in France.
Ideal site for large family reunions, vacations with friends, significant events celebrations, or a typical French-Wedding, the castle and its grounds can be yours for an entire week, including daily service.
10 bedrooms and many other rooms spread over more than 1000 square meters, a swimming pool of 15×6 meters and a large estate can all be yours…