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Antoine’s Bedroom

1st floor

Antoine’s Bedroom

1st floor

3 guests

3 adults


Italian shower / WC in private suite with bathroom


2 double beds – 130 cm / 1 single bed – 90 cm

Antoine’s room is on the floor of the 18th century wing, a beautiful room with furnishings mixing semi-colonial and classic French spirit, in pale green and white tones. This large bedroom opens onto the main courtyard to the south-east from where it overlooks, from the top of the ramparts, the valley of the small river “Le Caudeau” as well as the village of Lamonzie-Montastruc.

Beautifully sunny, it has an adjoining private bathroom. In addition to its two American “full size” single beds, Antoine’s room offers a single bed, making it one of Montastruc rooms most appreciated by our young guests.

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