"Pink" Bedroom

1st floor

Pink Bedroom

1st floor

2 guests

2 adults + 1 baby


Bathtub / Shared WC with Adélaïde’s bedroom


2 simple beds 90 cm + 1 baby bed

The “Pink bedroom”, all in pale salmon-colored fabrics, has a generous canopy embroidered with flowers under which one likes to take refuge. Its medieval mullioned bay observes the village to the south-east. The French-style beamed ceiling reminds us that this room is located in the gothic building of Montastruc.

It is accessed on the 1st floor by the grand 18th century staircase coiled into the entrance of the castle. The pink bedroom is served by a bathroom, shared with the adjoining “Adelaide’s bedroom” and lit by a generous bay looking to the south-east.

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