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Master Bedroom

1st floor

Master Bedroom

1st floor

2 guests

2 adults


Italian shower / Bathtub / WC in private suite


1 Queensize bed – 160 cm

The master bedroom was occupied by the lords of Montastruc, from ancient times all the way through the end of the 17th century.

On the 1st floor, very spacious, bright in sunny tones, lit by a large bay to the south-east, this room is the largest in the castle and offers a four-poster bed and canopy, a wardrobe, and a very spacious bathroom housed in the corner tower to the south.

The magnificent beams that make up its French-style ceiling are medieval, and the large stone fireplace is from the 17th century.

This beautiful room is accessed directly from the Gothic room which serves as a family lounge for the guests of Montastruc.

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